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MPCC Sunday Service Times

English: 9am (Sanctuary, Level 3)

Chinese: 11 am (Chapel, Level 2)

Filipino: 2.00pm (Sanctuary, Level 3)

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Filipino Services

PRAYER & PRAISE MEETING: Sundays, 12:00 Noon (Sanctuary, 3rd Level)

WORSHIP SERVICE: Sundays, 2.00PM (Sanctuary, 3rd Level)

STP Classes: Sundays, 3.30PM

FELLOWSHIP & REFRESHMENT: Sundays, after Care Group (Community Hall)

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MPCC Sunday Service Times

English: 9am (Sanctuary, Level 3)
Chinese: 11 am (Chapel, Level 2)
Filipino: 2.00pm (Sanctuary, Level 3)

From the Pastor's Desk

Dear Friends

The news reported of two elderly men fighting over a middle-aged woman. Well, that’s not the main issue. Many were taking video of the entire argument that led to the fighting. They were out to “watch a good show (有好戏看了).” They kept instigating the two to fight while the staff of the coffeeshop were trying to stop the fiasco. The “spectators” were “disappointed” at one stage when the fight almost did not happen. I believe no one called the police then. I know for sure that the police can reach there within minutes as the police post was less than 400 metres away. What kind of a society are we coming to?

The issue is not the fight, which is bad anyway, it is the instigation. Instead of stopping it, they encouraged it. Blame it on stress of society, alcohol, computer games, etc. It is still the human that is to be blamed.

As Christians we should not be a discourager of people in need. We cannot stand to the side to watch a “good show.” We must act to stop violence and injustice. God is just and therefore we must make sure that justice reigns.

We need to be encouragers for the down and out. It is for us to help them to stand up again by helping to see the living God that we worship. If a person is sick, we should not be gossiping about the severity and possible death of the sick person. Praying for the person would be the right thing to do if encouraging is not your cup of tea. A Christian is NOT a person that wants that world to be in chaos (唯恐天下不乱). Instead he or she should be the one, with the help of God, set it back into an orderly place.

Brothers and sisters, let us be encouragers and not discouragers. We help people trust in God and not drive them to despair. The line between care and gossip is a very thin line, and we must tread very carefully. Encourage with the love and power of God. Then the world will know that we are Christians because we learn to love and we are no gossipers.

God bless.

In Christ's service,

Revd Barry Leong (Vicar)

Message from the Vicar

During our last leaders' retreat, I've outlined the direction that God had impressed upon my heart for the church. We need to be:

A Word-based and Spirit-led Church that demonstrates the holiness, love, power and grace of God.

- The church has to base its every decision and action on the Word of God, i.e. the Bible. We cannot do anything out of this principle and must strive to live within it.

- As opposed to some who advocate that we should be purpose driven, the Bible only shows us examples of saints being led by the Spirit. Unless we are led by the Holy Spirit, all human wisdom will lead us to way of destruction. In MPCC, every activity and ministry must be prayer through very carefully and discerned that it is of God before we engage in them. Here I would like to encourage all of you to join the monthly prayer meeting.

Demonstrate the Holiness of God
- The holiness of God is best demonstrated by the believers living by holy lifestyle in their everyday living. How else do we think others will praise God as holy if they do not see the disciples living in holiness?

Demonstrate the Love of God
- The love of God is best shown by believers acting in love in everyday lives to believers and non-believers alike. They should not be shown fervently only in times of crisis like now in the "Hai Yan" disaster. It is during the everyday mundane life that a touch of kindness and act of love that will make the difference. MPCC members must make that difference.

Demonstrate the power of God
- We do not live timid and powerless lives. Do not let the devil fool us into thinking that it is so. This is our Father's world and all authority has been given unto us in Jesus' name. We, His children, can live out the power and authority given to us. Learn to use it to pray for people, change the lives of others and ourselves, make a difference in everything we do. We have the power of prayer and our Father in heaven listens to us. Use it for God's glory.

Demonstrate the grace of God
- The grace of God is best demonstrated by engaging in missions and evangelism. How else can the world receive the grace of God unless they are told about it? We must really make it our daily desire to bring the gospel to others.

The church must also start to fulfill its destiny, that is, to evangelise and to bring the good news to everybody, far and near. We in MPCC had been rather active in missions overseas. I hope we can be even more fervent for souls around us. About four in five people we meet everyday is lost and in need of the gospel. If we are so concerned for the victims of disasters, let us be even more concern for the people whose destination may be hell. They need the good news more urgently than anything else. All said, we still need to engage in good works and never be weary doing it.

My dear brethrens, I wish you a blessed New Year. May we decide to live a life worthy of God. May it be that some day we can always look back and say that it was a life well lived.

The love, peace and grace of God be with you all always.

Revd Barry Leong

Wednesday Prayer Meeting

Date/Time:21st March @ 7.30pm to 9.00pm
Venue: Chapel, 2nd Floor, MPCC

Do come for a time of united prayer in the Lord's Presence.

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